Key elements of indoor positioning system

Nov. 25, 2021

The development of indoor positioning technology has brought great convenience to digital management. For example, it has realized the track positioning of personnel after entering the room, the position tracking and guidance of operators, the monitoring of the fixed position of indoor key items, and the real-time position tracking of mental patients. So, what factors should be considered when selecting the indoor positioning system?

  1. Low delay

  in the process of actual use, the amount of information collected by terminal equipment is huge. In the process of uploading and downloading data, if the delay is too high and the loading is too slow, the production and management efficiency will be seriously affected. For indoor positioning system, if the response time of a positioning node exceeds 3 seconds, it is bound to affect the work efficiency of managers, and the "real-time" nature of real-time positioning is not worthy of the name.

  2. High precision

  for many enterprises, the distance between people, people and equipment, equipment and equipment may be tens of centimeters or even closer. Therefore, if the cost budget is sufficient, the higher the accuracy of indoor positioning, the better; If the budget is limited, the positioning accuracy will be required to be at a relatively high level.

Composition of UWB indoor positioning system

  3. Low power consumption

  there are many sensing devices in the indoor positioning system. If these terminal devices need personnel to maintain every three or five days or need to be charged frequently, it will not only waste human resources, but also reduce the work efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of terminal equipment is an extremely important thing for positioning system.

  4. Large capacity

  large enterprises have a large number of personnel and goods all year round, which leads to an equally amazing number of positioning labels. This requires that the capacity of the indoor positioning system is large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of positioning terminals, so as to realize the monitoring of all personnel and goods in the whole plant area at the same time.

  5. Easy to operate

  ease of operation is definitely one of the most important considerations for system users. This requires that the management interface of the indoor positioning system must be humanized and the operation of terminal equipment must be very simplified. In this way, enterprises can spend less time and labor cost to learn to use the system.

  6. Extensible

   positioning personnel and equipment is not only to ensure personnel safety, but also to realize enterprise intelligence, including production mode intelligence, management intelligence, service intelligence and other aspects, which requires that the indoor positioning system should not only be limited to the initial functions of positioning and navigation, but also be similar to the original equipment, management system Docking of production systems and expansion of functions to truly realize enterprise intelligence, such as video linkage and all-in-one access card are common expansion functions.

   as an indoor location and health data service provider, we control health independently researched and developed Bluetooth AOA positioning and UWB indoor positioning systems, as well as personnel health data detection system, so as to achieve the synchronous management of physiological health data and location information. Application scenarios mainly include: Prison prisoner positioning, nursing home positioning, psychiatric hospital personnel positioning, kindergarten personnel positioning, shelter hospital personnel positioning, amusement park personnel positioning, super business personnel positioning, etc.

UWB personnel positioning solution The remote temperature monitoring system

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