Indoor positioning technology promotes smart elderly care

Jan. 03, 2022

At present, the development of intelligent technologies such as low power consumption, miniaturized intelligent sensing technology, indoor positioning technology and corresponding big data real-time analysis of intelligent health and elderly care terminals has become an important aspect of promoting intelligent health and elderly care.

Why accurate positioning is needed?

In the elderly care scene, in order to ensure the safety of the elderly, nursing care for the elderly is an essential means. But the problem is that even if the elderly care scene manager can tolerate the high personnel care cost, it can not achieve 24-hour real-time care. In the intelligent age, this non intermittent demand can be realized through indoor accurate positioning and tracking technology. Under this technical condition, the management can view the position, action track and even physical health data of each elderly person. When the elderly are in danger, the system adopts the automatic alarm function to prevent the situation from further deterioration.

Indoor positioning technology

How to use IOT positioning in elderly care scenarios?

The realization of accurate positioning and tracking technology takes wearable devices as the carrier, such as health management wearable devices such as bracelets and watches. After embedding the positioning module, combined with the positioning signal receiver and cloud service platform, the positioning, tracking and health data collection of the elderly can be realized, and the corresponding data display and analysis can be seen through the management background. The specific working principle is: the positioning signal receiver scans the wearable device and obtains the data, and uploads the data to the server through the network. In detail, the signal receiver scans the wearable device within its signal coverage and obtains the data of the scanned device, and then submits the scanned device to the server through the network, The server side displays and manages these scanned devices. This form improves the efficiency and quality of elderly care by realizing remote online health management, location management and safety early warning.

Smart campus health and safety management platform Indoor and outdoor precise positioning system demonstration

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