Heart rate watch (bracelet) core mission

May. 09, 2021

With the diversification of exercise modes, people begin to be no longer satisfied with wearables that only record steps in their daily exercise. For people, they need to provide scientific exercise guidance and risk warning during exercise, so wearables such as heart rate bracelets (watches) are born in response to pregnancy.

Heart rate bracelet can continuously track heart rate changes during exercise, providing basic exercise guidance and exercise risk protection for participants, so as to better achieve the effect and original intention of exercise.Heart rate readings during exercise can predict the risk of certain heart diseases.A study of 34,000 people found that those with a heart rate 12 minutes faster than the average had a 27 percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.This suggests that people should pay more attention to the fast and slow heart rate no matter in the daily or exercise state, after all, prevention is greater than treatment.I believe that there will be more and more people pay attention to heart rate monitoring, just as we pay attention to their daily steps.

Why sports wear first push heart rate bracelet?This is because it is convenient to wear, comfort and other characteristics, is the most ideal sports heart rate monitoring equipment under the current level of technology.

What is the core value of smart heart rate watch in exercise monitoring? New direction of intelligent wearable products driven by scientific and technological innovation

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