Principle of sleep monitoring for smart Bracelet

Jun. 01, 2021

Smart bracelet is easy to carry and has many functions. It has gradually spread to our lives. More and more people use it. Functions such as heart rate, step count, blood pressure, blood oxygen, payment, eye sleep, positioning and SOS can bring health management and intelligent applications. So how can the sleep function be realized here?What is his principle?

Principle of sleep monitoring for smart Bracelet 

    Smart Bracelet sleep monitoringThis kind of sensor can detect the subtle movement of human hands. During deep sleep, people's muscles will relax and their limbs won't produce large movement. During light sleep, people will produce certain slight movement. Taking physical activity and sensory sensitivity as measurement indexes, people's movements are monitored through body movement records,To determine whether the human body is in an active state or a quiet sleep state.In the sleep process, by recording the user's hand movement frequency to analyze whether the user is in deep sleep or light sleep state, so as to analyze the user's sleep quality.

    The World Health Organization, the association of electrical and electronic engineers and other expert groups have carried out tests, and found that the radiation output power of Bluetooth products is only 1MW, which is one millionth of the power used by microwave ovens, one thousandth of the power of mobile phones, and the radiation of smart bracelets is also negligible.As for the sleep quality monitored by the smart bracelet, everyone's sleep is different. As a scientific and technological product, the calculated data can only be used as a reference to help improve the sleep quality.


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