Application of Bluetooth gateway in smart campus

Aug. 30, 2021

   Bluetooth gateway, also known as Bluetooth base station and Bluetooth router, belongs to the network layer in the application level of the Internet of things. In the smart campus, it mainly scans and collects the functions of campus Bracelet data uplink and downlink transmission and location positioning. Here is a brief explanation of the layout application of Bluetooth gateway in the campus site.

1. Classroom Bluetooth gateway deployment

Application of Bluetooth gateway in smart campus 

    Ordinary classrooms are generally small, and can be covered by basically setting up a Bluetooth gateway, which is mainly to meet the imperceptible automatic attendance and location information management of students' classes, as well as the real-time collection needs of physical health data information of campus bracelets.

2. Bluetooth gateway deployment in offices and dormitories

  An office is generally equipped with a Bluetooth gateway to collect the daily physical sign data and health information of teachers in real time, and can regularly sit for a long time to remind teachers to relax; One dormitory is equipped with a Bluetooth gateway to collect the real-time data collection requirements of physical signs data, sleep quality and other information during the rest of the student dormitory.

3. Bluetooth gateway deployment in lecture hall and auditorium

  The Bluetooth coverage in the lecture hall and auditorium is a high-density coverage scene. Generally, one cloth of 10-15m is better. It is mainly used to collect real-time data collection requirements for automatic attendance data of temporary activities, student location information, physical fitness monitoring and other information.

4. Playground and outdoor Bluetooth deployment

Application of Bluetooth gateway in smart campus

  Playground, lawn and other places are typical scenes of campus outdoor coverage. Compared with the indoor environment, the outdoor environment is even worse. The deployed bluetooth access points face the challenges of severe cold, heat, wind and rain. The key coverage areas of the outdoor Bluetooth gateway are the outdoor stadium, the green rest area in the school and the school square. Generally, an outdoor gateway of 60-80m is arranged. It mainly collects real-time data collection requirements such as student location information, physical fitness monitoring information, physical sign data information and sports information.

5. Bluetooth gateway deployment in and out of the school gate

Application of Bluetooth gateway in smart campus

  Two Bluetooth gateways are deployed inside and outside the campus to realize the non perceptual management of students entering and leaving the school. When students wear smart to enter and exit the school gate, they can accurately record the time point when students enter and leave the school. When students enter and leave the school gate in a non specified time, they can automatically record the students' lateness and early departure on the management platform, and notify the school management personnel to timely check the reasons why the school enters and leaves the school in a non specified time.

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