Prison prisoner health and positioning Bracelet hardware supplier

Oct. 02, 2021

    In the 21st century, when living standards have been rapidly improved, I believe that few areas will starve to death because they can't eat. People pay most attention to their health, because a large proportion of people die due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems every year. The health of prison inmates is also protected, and they will not be deprived of their right to a healthy life because they do things they miss. Then, some people may ask such a question: how can a bracelet ensure the health of prison prisoners? Is it related to some special functions of the bracelet worn by prison prisoners?

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    In fact, the detection of prisoners' health status is inextricably linked with the hardware supplier of the positioning system. First of all, the most common function of the positioning bracelet worn by prison prisoners is real-time positioning. If a prisoner attempts to escape or fight, prison guards can quickly find the prisoner and prevent him from further reckless actions according to the positioning information emitted by the prisoner's bracelet, This can also further reduce or prevent accidental injuries to other prison personnel, and finally achieve the purpose of protecting the health of prison prisoners. In addition, the positioning bracelet worn by prison prisoners also has the function of detecting the wearer's vital health signs. If the prisoner's heart rate is abnormal, the prison positioning bracelet can be detected at the first time, and early prevention can also ensure the prisoner's health.


    Although the current Bracelet positioning function and body detection function have been very powerful, the inaccuracy is still a big problem for the positioning system hardware supplier. If the error of the software positioning system guides the prison guards to the wrong place to alleviate the contradiction, they may miss the best time to solve the contradiction, and the health problems brought to the prisoners will be irreparable. It can be seen that positioning system software suppliers also need to improve the positioning accuracy of their products and the accuracy of health monitoring. Only by solving these problems can they have a long-term foothold.

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