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Sep. 28, 2021

   The main function of Bluetooth gateway is Bluetooth data transmission and location locking, so what is its application principle? What functions and applications can be realized through data transmission and positioning? Let's understand some common applications and principles of Bluetooth gateway.


1. Bluetooth gateway scans, grabs and uploads Bluetooth intelligent terminal device data


    This is the most basic function of the Bluetooth gateway. The Bluetooth gateway is responsible for scanning and capturing the data of Bluetooth devices, such as the health monitoring watch worn by the elderly. It can monitor the heart rate, steps, blood pressure, blood oxygen and other data. The smart watch can automatically upload data by setting the frequency of 1 second, 10 seconds and 10 minutes, The Bluetooth gateway scans and captures the data sent by the smart watch and uploads it to the background server through the WiFi network to realize remote background monitoring and management, and realize the collection, statistics and analysis of health big data. If the data is too large and abnormal, it can also achieve rapid rescue through background monitoring and alarm.


2. Bluetooth gateway realizes data download through ECs


    In contrast to the above point, the background monitoring terminal can be PC terminal or mobile terminal. The editing information is sent, and the information is converted into Bluetooth signal through Bluetooth gateway and then transmitted to the intelligent terminal device we wear. Many Bluetooth gateways on the market do not support downlink, and this application cannot be reached without uplink function. Imyfit   Bluetooth gateway supports uplink and downlink two-way data transmission.

 Bluetooth gateway  internal architecture

3. Bluetooth gateway is used to locate indoor and outdoor personnel


    Elderly care institutions, prisons, campuses and other places can be applied to personnel positioning. Take the smart bracelet as the column. Where the bracelet is, then the person is where. The principle is to determine where the personnel are through the equipment connected to the Bluetooth gateway. The system background will construct a map. Each gateway has a corresponding position. The position of the bracelet is determined by determining the position of the gateway through the map. The connection distance between the gateway and the bracelet is 10-100m, so the personnel are within this range, which is fuzzy positioning; If a large number of Bluetooth gateways are deployed and the bracelet is within the connection range of three gateways, the position value of < 2m can be calculated through the signal value and coordinate algorithm, which is the accurate positioning of Bluetooth. Through positioning, you can view the moving track, electronic fence and other functions. Of course, if more accurate positioning is required, UWB technology equipment can be used, which can be accurate to a position error value of less than 30cm or even 10cm.

 Working architecture of Bluetooth gateway

4. Bluetooth gateway can monitor and control Bluetooth devices in real time


    Bluetooth gateway monitors Bluetooth device signals in real time, which is often used in asset location management and video linkage. For example, for high-speed rail maintenance, within the coverage of the Bluetooth gateway, after the maintenance personnel wearing the smart Bracelet enter the scope, the system background automatically controls the camera to turn on, controls the camera movement through accurate position positioning, and records the whole process of maintenance. When the maintenance personnel leave the scanning range of the gateway, the Bluetooth gateway sends a signal to the background to turn off the camera, Realize intelligent management.


5. Bluetooth gateway realizes remote control of intelligent devices


  This application is similar to the above principle, but it is mainly used in smart home, such as home lamp, air conditioner, door lock and other smart devices, which are connected to the Bluetooth gateway through Bluetooth. We can connect the cloud server through wireless LAN or mobile cellular data through the mobile app, and then remotely control the Bluetooth gateway through the Bluetooth gateway (WiFi to Bluetooth), To control the opening and closing of intelligent devices. However, many of these applications have been replaced by pure WiFi technology, and there may be fewer and fewer subsequent applications.

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