Heart rate arm band with UWB base station can achieve better team sports training effect

Oct. 07, 2021

  When it comes to team sports training, we basically think of students' physical education, athletes' training, etc. in fact, no matter what kind of team sports training, organizers like that everyone can learn and master some skills through training. However, because of the large number of teams, the organizers must be responsible for each participant and effectively improve everyone's training quality. The traditional management methods generally rely on the experience of organizers or coaches, and because of pure labor, it is impossible to scientifically analyze everyone's characteristics. With the heart rate armband of team sports training, we can open a new chapter of data-based teaching management of team training.


 UWB sports training program


  How can a small heart rate arm band play such a big role? Imyfit's training heart rate arm band "have a word" said: imyfit's UWB training heart rate arm band is a professional sports training equipment with high-precision sports heart rate detection and high-precision positioning. It internally integrates the industry-leading sports heart rate sensor, which is suitable for heart rate acquisition under various sports conditions, and then uses high-precision algorithms for scientific calculation.


  As a necessary weapon for big data analysis of team training, with UWB base station and control center, teachers or coaches can detect and evaluate the current state of each athlete through tablets, and formulate corresponding training methods according to the physical fitness of each athlete. Make team training more efficient.


  Imyfit's team training management program can help each customer focus more on their own business. Let the traditional training methods be changed and broken through, and let science and technology completely update and optimize the team sports training methods.

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