What is a smart campus? Smart campus feature meeting

Dec. 02, 2021

    What is a smart campus? In fact, smart campus is an intelligent campus work, learning and life integration environment based on the Internet of things. It is an intelligent service environment that uses the Internet of things and cloud computing to emphasize the data collection and intelligent processing of teaching, scientific research, campus life and management, so as to provide intelligent data analysis, teaching and learning for managers and various roles on demand. Speaking of smart campus, I have to mention digital campus. Smart campus comprehensively upgrades the informatization level of campus on the basis of digital campus. It is an important part of smart city!

    Many domestic scholars have put forward the concept and construction ideas of "smart campus". After years of exploration, "smart campus" has gradually been accepted by many schools and began to be implemented in some universities. As a hardware provider of smart campus, Wukong health technology believes that "smart campus" should have the following characteristics:

    1: Comprehensive environmental perception, which includes two aspects: one is that sensors can sense, capture and transmit information about people, equipment and resources anytime and anywhere; The second is the perception, capture and transmission of learners' individual characteristics (learning preference, cognitive characteristics, attention state, learning style, etc.) and learning situations (learning time, learning space, learning partners, learning activities, etc.).

    2: The network is seamlessly interconnected. Based on network and communication technology, especially mobile Internet technology, the smart campus supports the connection of all software systems and hardware devices. After information perception, it can be transmitted quickly and in real time, which is the basis for all users to learn and work together in a new way.

    3: Massive data support. According to data mining and modeling technology, smart campus can build models and prediction methods based on "massive" campus data to analyze, prospect and predict the trend of new information; At the same time, smart campus can integrate all aspects of data, information, rules and other contents, make rapid response and active response through intelligent reasoning, and more reflect the characteristics of intelligence and intelligence.

    4: Open learning environment, the core concept of education is the cultivation of innovation ability, and the campus is facing the demand of moving from "closed" to "open". Smart campus supports the expansion of resources and environment to let students break through the restrictions of textbooks; Support the expansion of time environment to expand learning from class to after class; Support the expansion of spatial environment, so that effective learning can occur in real and virtual situations.

    5: Personalized service for teachers and students, smart campus environment and its functions are based on personalized service. The application of various key technologies aims to effectively solve many practical needs of teachers and students in campus life, study and work, and has become an indispensable part in reality

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