Heart rate armband for efficient and safe exercise training

Dec. 09, 2021

Dynamic heart rate detection during exercise is very important, but the previous product design for detecting heart rate is embarrassing, especially for male friends. In the sports circle, we can avoid embarrassment because we all know it, but once we leave the sports circle, men will inevitably get different eyes when wearing the heart rate detection products designed before. The emergence of imyfit's arm band heart rate band effectively solves this embarrassment.

 Heart rate armband

Although there are many heart rate detection products that can solve the above embarrassing scenes in the market, their effects are different and their quality is uneven. Many sports people dare not start easily for fear of stepping on thunder. Imyfit, an arm band heart rate band, can detect the heart rate as accurately as the traditional heart rate band. The device inherits the industry-leading motion heart rate sensing, which is suitable for dynamic heart rate acquisition in a variety of motion states. The high-precision motion algorithm can automatically identify the wearer's motion state. In addition, the design of the arm strap gives the sportsman more convenience.

This arm band heart rate band product of imyfit is not only suitable for athletes to wear in the gym, but also suitable for athletes to wear in swimming pools and other training halls. At the same time, as a professional testing equipment for sports training, it is also a necessary artifact for sports big data analysis, intelligent venue construction and sports course training.

In order to fit the arms of different dimensions, the arm band heart rate band has also launched elastic band versions with different lengths to make it perfectly fit your arms without slipping.

In addition, imyfit's arm band heart rate band also provides the wearer with more comprehensive and intelligent functions, such as real-time positioning function, motion detection function and track tracking function, so as to make the movement more efficient and safe.

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