Campus security management scheme

Dec. 16, 2021

Students can enter and leave the school safely and on time, which is the focus of the school and parents. This problem can be effectively solved through the Bluetooth Bracelet + Bluetooth gateway (Bluetooth base station) scheme.

This scheme realizes the non perceptual management of students entering and leaving the school. When students wear smart bracelets or smart student cards to enter and exit the school gate, they can accurately record the time point of students entering and leaving the school. When students enter and leave the school gate in a non specified time, they can automatically record the students' lateness and early departure on the management platform and notify the school management personnel, Timely check the reasons why the school enters and leaves the school at non designated time.


By deploying two Bluetooth gateways inside and outside the school gate, the deployment position is recommended to be 2.5-3M higher than the ground. In order to ensure the accuracy of signals, thick walls or obstacles need to be used between the outer and inner Bluetooth gateways to shield each other's signals, and the overall space of the reception room can be used as a natural barrier.

Based on the above deployment mode, the Bluetooth gateway uploads the collected broadcast information of the bracelet device to the system management platform. Through internal and external measurement, it receives the broadcast time of the bracelet and the RSSI value of the bracelet. It uses the in and out campus algorithm to judge the running track of the bracelet device, whether it is in or out of the school, and records the specific time of entering and leaving the campus.

Training case video of smart bracelet for Campus Sports Smart campus health and safety management platform

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