Training case video of smart bracelet for Campus Sports

Dec. 13, 2021

Imyfit combines the application scenarios of University / middle / primary school campuses in the education industry, specifically solves a series of needs such as campus access control, attendance, NFC payment and sports training, and develops hardware devices such as system intelligent Bluetooth bracelet and Bluetooth gateway. Here are some cases related to campus sports training:

Through the Bluetooth gateway devices arranged around, the Bluetooth gateway scans the data sent by the bracelet, collects the students' real-time heart rate, steps, calories and other data information, and then uploads it to the management platform, which can be pushed to the front-end device in real time for intelligent display, so that the teachers or students' parents can understand the students' basic sports in real time, and adjust the sports items in real time through the basic data, Achieve better sports training effect.

Monitor heart rate in real time. The heart rate is uploaded once per second. If the heart rate is too high or too low, a warning can be issued. The teacher can call the roll at any time to remind, and can also prevent accidents caused by too high heart rate of special personnel within a limited time.

The sports data of each student monitored by the smart bracelet can be seen at a glance whether the after-school sports meet the standard, which can promote students to strengthen self-health management. The school can also establish a large database to evaluate the results of physical education courses.

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