Heart rate band: a method for measuring the maximum heart rate

May. 22, 2021

The upsurge of national sports has continued for several years. For several years, athletes use the maximum heart rate as the division of interval training. In the process of endurance training, physical training and aerobic exercise, the value of ultimate heart rate is often a vital physiological index. According to the heart rate range, it can be divided into recovery, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic and other intensities. 

Exercise heart rate band 

What's the limit heart rate? How to measure



Formula calculation method:


Most of them are from the network or books to get the formula to calculate, everyone's situation is different, the calculation results are somewhat different, but the calculation results still have a certain reference value.


1. Calculation of maximum heart rate = 220 - age. Some professors said that the maximum heart rate calculated by this formula has a deviation below plus or minus 11.


2. Calculation of maximum heart rate = 206.9 - (0.67 * age). This calculation method also has a deviation of less than plus or minus 6, which is a slightly more scientific estimation method of maximum heart rate.


The method of scientific movement measurement is as follows


Heart rate value can reflect the intensity of exercise, especially for professional athletes, know the limit heart rate can be more scientific to train, in order to achieve better results. If you want to accurately determine the maximum heart rate value of an individual, you can only measure it through actual measurement. The main measuring devices are heart rate bracelet, heart rate arm band and heart rate chest band, which are worn on the wrist, arm and chest respectively. At present, the heart rate arm band is more convenient to wear and accurate to measure. Next, take the heart rate wall band as an example, and set it as the mode of continuous upload of heart rate per second.

Exercise heart rate band 

Method 1: use treadmill and heart rate armband in the room. Because you want to run fast, you'd better have a special person to help adjust the speed. First, warm up the treadmill for 10 minutes (8-10km / h), then increase the gradient of the treadmill by 10%, and then accelerate the running according to your personal situation. After running for 5 minutes, your body gasps intensely, Then run as fast as you can for the last 1-2 minutes, and the maximum heart rate measured is the ultimate heart rate.


Method 2: the outdoor sports ground is equipped with heart rate armband. First, run three 1 km intervals (after the first two runs, you can rest for 1 minute in the walking state). In the last 400 meters of the last 1 km run, run at the best speed. The maximum heart rate measured is the extreme heart rate.


Method 3: outdoor open space with heart rate armband, similar to the way on the treadmill, first warm-up run for 10 minutes, and then accelerate run for 5 minutes, to reach the state of strong breathing, and then try to run for 1-2 minutes, the maximum heart rate measured in the final stage is the extreme heart rate.


Normal heart rate can be estimated by formula 2, but for different people, their maximum heart rate is also different. The maximum heart rate is determined by genes, and it has been proved that it can't be changed by training. But it doesn't mean who has better performance. It is a more valuable index to keep the maximum heart rate for a longer time. Everyone's maximum heart rate will decline with age, but exercise ability does not necessarily decline. If you are a professional sports training personnel, you can use the exercise to measure the accurate limit heart rate, and use it to adjust the sports training, so as to achieve better and faster training effect.


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